Home Galaxy S10’s for the life of your eyes

Galaxy S10’s for the life of your eyes

Home Galaxy S10’s for the life of your eyes

Galaxy S10’s for the life of your eyes


If you are a person who loves to be in bed with phone, you will definitely know the trouble of falling asleep at night. Now the worries are gone Samsung introducing Galaxy S10’s Display Protects Users from Blue Light.

According to new findings from Counterpoint Research, more than five hours a day is spend by nearly half of all global smartphone users on their mobile device.

Once the sun set smartphone users will be on, studies show that the blue light from your smartphone’s screen and other artificial light sources can throw your biological clock out of whack – making it harder to fall asleep, and possibly causing more serious problems down the line.

Samsung equipped the Galaxy S10 line with a display that reduces users’, for safeguard users’ eyes from blue light are potentially harmful effects.

Exposure to blue light wavelengths – without compromising picture quality is the best solution.

The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 5G’s Dynamic AMOLED display was built from the ground up to minimize eye strain so users can get a better night’s sleep.

Galaxy S10 users can sleep soundly knowing that their smartphone’s display has been certified by world-renowned testing firm TÜV Rheinland1 to drastically reduce blue light’s harmful effects. When building the display, which received TÜV Rhineland’s official ‘Eye Comfort’ certification, Samsung applied new organic materials that reduce blue light wavelengths measuring between 415 and 455nm (the range that research2 suggests is particularly harmful to the retina) by up to 42 percent3 – without the use of filters.

This significant reduction in blue light transmission is the product of Samsung’s continuous commitment to developing industry-leading AMOLED technology. The Dynamic AMOLED display reduces the transmission of ‘harmful’ blue light (wavelengths in the 415 to 455nm range) to below 7 percent – the industry’s lowest mark. This means that the Galaxy S10’s display reduces nearly 50 percent more blue light than previous AMOLED displays (approx. 12 percent), and more than 60 percent more than most smartphone LCD displays (approx. 18 percent).

As ByungChang Kwak of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Division explained, in addition to opting for a blue-light reducing smartphone like the Galaxy S10, there are simple things that consumers can do to help protect their eyes when using electronics devices. “For example, adjusting ambient lighting to minimize screen glare can help reduce eye strain,” said Kwak, “and remembering to blink frequently can help prevent dry eye.”

Going forward, Kwak added, “Samsung will continue to develop technologies that promote better health and make the user experience more convenient.”

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