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by Cinideep Sasikumar

Are you Looking for Digital Marketing Company or Agency ? or a Social Media Marketing Company ? Sounds like a fancy techi word right? So let’s take a short walk to know what “Digital Marketing” exactly means, A marketing strategy for e-commerce development that involves any form of electronic device or gadgets is called as Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing types? Has it got any subdivisions? YES!

Offline Marketing
Internet’s tremendous rise in popularity, urged marketers refer to other media channels that aren’t connected to the World Wide Web as “Offline.” Offline marketing strategies utilize offline media channels to create awareness of a company’s products and services. These campaigns can include radio and print advertising – including billboards, signs and pamphlets – telemarketing, and television ads. The main disadvantage is that offline marketing are limited to several factors.

Some prominent offline marketing sources are,

  • Television Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Newspapers
  • Brochures
  • Promotional Live Shows

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is exact synonym of Digital Marketing and it’s strategy is called as Digital Marketing Strategy and every firm strive hard to attain a successful marketing strategy. A compromise in this means you gradually end up in bad business. Marketing a company’s product utilizing the well flourished sector of Internet and its Digital Marketing Services effectively contribute to the field of Online Marketing, and should make sure that, the company’s products and it’s benefit to the customer’s reach with no blackheads. Nowadays  the average time spent by an individual in surfing through internet is higher compared to earlier periods. This makes it ideal that people search the web for getting a detailed product information and the outbreak of Digital Marketing makes it, easier to get a comparison over the choices they have in their minds without visiting the individual point of sales. Most public and private sector banks are making their operations online with the view that customers gets improved services with minimal delay. Companies understand this situation and are thriving harder to achieve and reach every nuke and corner. For this they use the Digital Marketing services and are modifying their strategies accordingly to be at the top.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

“Social media marketing”, a boosted form of media marketing, and  a significant  tool used by  digital marketing companies in Kerala & all over for gaining traffic or attention through social media sites by conducting campaigns and events. One of the greatest boon of internet is  the rapid outbreak of social networking sites which helps in building a strong relation between humans, independent of their age and location. Advertisements made through “social media marketing”  sites provoked  a huge customer impact than the regular marketing strategies.Social media marketing  done through Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and individual blogs by famous personalities creates a constant impact on the public.

Digital marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala

Mobile Marketing

Since the outbreak of smartphones made a greater transformation from big sized computing machines to small pocket sized ones, individuals can now access internet even when they are on the move. This made the users much more closer with the internet and they can now use their smartphones as their personal computer. Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing done through the mobile phone itself. Since the use of smartphone has increased, the possibility that an individual spends time in the Web world has also increased. Business heads aim at developing their own specialised mobile application to promote their sales and after sales procedures. Also Digital marketing Companies in Kerala are suggesting mobile marketing techniques to a great extend for business growth.

Digital marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala

Paid Ads

Digital marketing companies generate a huge revenue through the paid advertisements on behalf of the business firms. For a successful business firm to run it should have a healthy advertisement wing and  the duty of that wing is to focus the area of sales and to increase the business activity, and when it comes to the online advertisement, they seek support from leading web development company  and in turn the company takes the role of online marketing by promoting their clients ads in most  popular search engines and social networking sites.

Digital marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala

Emails Marketing

Email marketing is form of  online marketing , by which an advertisement company finds potential customers and individual mails are sent to them, to make customers aware about the promotional offers, new arrivals,features and its benefits. This is a common practice of online marketing. Business firms collects the mail ids  from their potential customers and make them acknowledged about their products and provide them dedicated links so that the user can reach at the exact point of interest. Nowadays, majority of business firms seek the help of digital marketing companies for Email Marketing asistance.

Digital marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala

In short Digital marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala contributes a lot in promoting the activities of any business enterprise as Indian market varies with a wide range of business activities and developers  aim at providing the best to its beneficiaries at minimal development time and cost utilizing the best from the available technology. Bezos Technologies Pvt Ltd, one of the best digital marketing company in Cochin, Kerala can guide you through all these digital marketing techniques & help you achieve business growth within short span of time.

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