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10 Clever Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

by Cinideep Sasikumar Cinideep Sasikumar No Comments

More of Mobile users look for reviews and ratings before installing a new application. Having good app reviews can not only boost your revenue but can have a positive wave for targeted customers.  Get the support of Mobile app development companies in Kochi, Kerala to get a well designed mobile app of your own. Here are the 10 clever ways to increase your mobile app reviews.

1. Simple review Procedures
Make the review procedures as simple as possible. Majority of the people look for the complexity & time consumption for the review procedure. So, making simple review procedures may increase the chances of getting more genuine reviews.

2. Prompt Users to Give Feedback
Impress users with their way of interaction. Show them that their review means a lot to you. Reply to every reviews & comments as this makes them feel that you care about their review. In case any betterment needed, convince your users that a better version or product will be updated soon & errors would be rectified.

3. Incentive strategy
Attract your users with incentives & give-away. You may have noticed many game apps nowadays award coins or game points for watching video ads. Similarly, you can proffer with interesting & attracting incentives for reviewing your app. This incentive strategy will definitely increase the review rate.

4. Wait for the Right Time
Do not ask for reviews immediately after downloading the mobile app or by interrupting the application. Make sure you ask for a review at the right time. The right time is when the user has accomplished something with your app or finished their task. This would certainly help you make a better user experience & more likely to leave a review.

5. Avoid Resemblance
Uniqueness is very important for attracting genuine customer reviews. Watch out for fake apps that resemble your app. Try adding developer details, official website, and more credentials so that users could easily pick the genuine one.

6. Run a Contest
Another way to increase review is by running a contest on various forums. By adding giveaways & incentives to the contests, as discussed earlier can bring more customer reviews.

7. Beware of Negative reviews
Negative ratings & reviews badly affect your brand credibility. In the case of negative reviews, ask them the issue and rectify ASAP. A positive reply to the negative reviews can greatly soften the feelings of your users.

8. Use social media to get feedback
Support your Mobile app through social media channels. Social media channels can greatly influence the users towards an application. For example, App called Candy Crush Saga got enormous reach among users through Facebook promotion.

9. Showcase the benefit of their ratings
Convince your users that they can have benefited by adding reviews to your app. This could boost rapidly to the count of reviews for your mobile app.

10. Attractive Discounts
Lastly, the majority of users hope for free or for a discount. By providing discounts on specific days related to your mobile app is a great way to get your users & customers excited & engaged.

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