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Top 5 web design trends that will stimulate your business growth

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Worried about marketing strategies & ever-changing trends in your business Sector? This blog will help you with Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially.

With so many ongoing tasks, it can be effortless to let slip the digital presence of your business. However, that would be a considerable lapse.

The Harvard Business Review recently points out that trustworthiness is the factor that makes the majority of people to purchase a particular product from the website. Making the website visitors feels safe, comfortable and making it customer friendly can not only encourage them to buy more but convince them to become a lifelong customer.

Build Trustworthiness

Strong web design is a predominant factor when it comes to creating trustworthiness. A straight forward and easy to navigate website make the visitors more likely to purchase the product. Great testimonials, good quality products, company transparency are the other factors that contribute to customer familiarity.

Make your website stand out from routine design structures. These can be done by purchasing attractive website designs from web design companies. Bezos, one of the top rated web design company in Cochin, Kerala offers website design & development services with pocket-friendly pay.

Here are some web design and UX trends that will stimulate your business growth.

Create a video landing page               

Studies suggest that 78 percent of internet users watch videos online every week. Video landing pages are landing pages with embedded video to help illustrate the value of the product or service on offer. The main advantage of creating a video landing page is that it makes every complex product more accessible. Secondly, it can provide a lot of information within a short time.

Enable Parallax scrolling

Digital experiences have often made people lazy. Clicking a button has now become a far off possibility. Parallax Scrolling refers to the use of visual effects combined with 2D scrolling creating an illusion of depth and layers for users. This concept uses various background and foreground designs that move at different speeds to convey a seamless online story. Including a parallax scrolling in your website emphasizes professionalism and conveys a higher level of creativity of your company website. Studies prove that websites using techniques like parallax scrolling encourages longer page visit time.

Enable animated call to action

Adding Call to action on your website often can draw the attention of new users and thereby guide them to be regular customers for your product or service. In other words, it can improve the conversion rate of your website, which is an inevitable factor in business growth. Securing the help of web designing company for website creation will help you with this.

Include Custom typography

When you see a company doing something different from the text you’re more likely to pay attention to. Custom typography can make your website easily recognizable. This may help you create an identity of your own, resulting in brand popularity.

Use Artificial intelligence

Incorporating artificial intelligence in your business website makes customer interaction even better. Using AI solutions you can adapt your website more desirable to the user’s needs. If you want to stay in trend, consider implementing chatbot while developing a website, especially for e-commerce.

Consider incorporating these web design and UX trends for your business website for substantial business growth. Bezos, one of the best web design company Cochin, Kerala can help you with web designing & Web development services.

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