Home 10 Trending Innovative Idea to Fuel Your Startups In 2019

10 Trending Innovative Idea to Fuel Your Startups In 2019

Home 10 Trending Innovative Idea to Fuel Your Startups In 2019

10 Trending Innovative Idea to Fuel Your Startups In 2019


An app startup is all about a great idea, the success largely depends on your creativity. Coming up with one of the best app ideas is not as easy as it seems. It is the most crucial and difficult part of the process that you have to overcome. Users want an app that will help them save time, cut on costs and streamline their everyday processes.

Here are 10 best app ideas for startups that can help you generate some good business Best App Ideas

1.      Blockchain Tax/Invoicing App

Remember the time of the year when you sit tight for hours to cut short your tax payments. One of the best android app ideas for expense management can be Blockchain Tax App. This app will calculate how much tax the user needs to pay according to his income and ensure that the correct amount of tax is always paid. Moreover, if the app can generate invoices, then your business financial hassles become much easier. You can calculate your taxes as well as generate invoices for all your business transactions. With the help of Blockchain technology, this app idea becomes better. A security packed tax app like that can be the best fit for large enterprises as well.

2.     Local Food Delivery

In a busy life, people miss out of a restaurant to have a meal. Creating a food delivery app is an excellent mobile app for startups. This app will be used to find a cheap and best food delivery service. The user will fill in the required information, like delivery location, choice of food and contact details, etc and then see the delivery service is available for the item.

3.     Health Inspector 

Everyone goes to their doctor for regular health check-up, but they have to remember and make appointments for themselves in order to do that. You can leverage this to create an app that help can help users to track their daily routine.  Health inspector can be one of the best health apps that will notify the user when there is a need for a health check-up. It will also automatically text message for the appointment and will notify the user whether it was approved or not.

4.     Your Virtual Cook

One of the best android app ideas can be an intelligent cooking app. When you have fewer ingredients available and want to cook something great it’s the app for you. And these lovers of cooking are always experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. Creating an app that offers instructions for cooking enthusiasts on different recipes can, therefore, be a rewarding venture. However, before you create a cooking app, take inspiration from successful apps like Food.corn and BigOven.

5.     Language Learner

Learning a new language for most people becomes more interesting when using a mobile app. One of the best mobile app ideas is to create an app that teaches users how to use particular words of the language they are learning. The app should also aid in clear pronunciation of words.

Besides, it should also suggest the commonly used words in that language and their meaning. This will make learning a new language exciting and easy. Some of the best examples of successful apps for learning new languages include Busuu and Memrise.

6.     Interior Designer

Decorating your home with the right items is not easy. This app will take a picture of the user’s room and allow visualizing it with different available interior designing options, like, carpets, curtains, wall paint, etc. It’ll also show the chosen product’s dealer in the nearby area and will ease the interior designing process. These include wall stickers, paints, carpets, colors, and curtains. Besides, the app will suggest the best places to purchase each item you use for your interior designing process.

7. Musician Hub

Musician Hub will be able to provide a helping hand to the musicians and bands to find their band members. It’ll also have a feature that will find gigs for the bands which would particularly be beneficial for those who are recently starting in this field.

8. Cab Service

A business venture like Uber, Lyft, and Taxify have helped revolutionized commuting. You can now easily book a cab from your phone which has helped in saving time and money. While big companies enjoy a better share of the market, developing a cab-hailing app is still a lucrative mobile app business venture. You can add more features that include passenger safety to make your app marketable.

9. Social Media App

Businesses require an online presence to increase popularity, credibility and to improve their market presence. So creating a social connect mobile apps for a startup is a great idea to allow the business to manage their social media platforms from one central location. This idea is especially important for companies that rely heavily on customer engagement. You can interact with your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Instagram networks at one go.

10. Online Shopping

Every person loves to shop that’s why apps like Amazon and eBay are making millions of profits each day. You might consider several mobile app ideas for your startup like; deals and discount app that notifies users of any upcoming best deals that they may be interested in. These can be deals on clothing, food, home equipment, etc..

Buying at bulky is considered economical as it may come with free delivery from some companies. As a result, such a startup has the potential of being a success in 2019.

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